Abortion and severe retribution for mother

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    I married a few months, pregnant. At that time not understood by Buddhism, did not know the dangers of causal retributive. Economic deem this time not enough to feed my children should have an abortion. Then his business grow gradually, economic well-off, I turn to the three children born

    Next pregnancy 4th child, I totally unhappy because spike, but due to prevent unintended pregnancies. So I went abortion, adding sin again.

    Later, a friend asked me to go to the temple, I was lucky to play the lecture and training center Buddhist convent school, continental recite daily timetable. Since then, I willingly doing good, evil as an end to his teachings. After self-testing, I found he had created serious crime. Twice abortion once brought me regret calming wisdom.

    Now, I have over 50 years of age. Last year a doctor, the doctor said I had breast cancer. Do understand the Dhamma, I know this is the nemesis, the evil has to result from human fetuses killed, now just quietly received. And all these merits I would bring back spiritual guide for lemur baby died unfairly, as they that create goodness, I pray for them to be born into the realm of healing.

    Thanks to study Buddhism, relying on the blessing of the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, but I got cancer but not abused pain, until dissection surgery, I did not feel pain. Over a year now I live peacefully. Maybe because I know penance, merit pay on performance, vegetarian, animal release, for Buddha; so whether retribution still bounces painless. I am very grateful Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.

    And my sister is not so Vy. Husband it made overseas. It can work very well, very busy, no time to care for children. When Vy labor birth of her second child, her husband left home, the baby was born a boy. Vy Do not understand Buddhism, it is not fun and feel this child brought many obstacles, if the animal would get busy and stunning bothered no less laborious. The abacus is Vy did not bother with her husband, he told the doctor that it does not want this child. The doctor is also very brave and courageous hand, he agrees to help it caused fetal death.

    Because of ignorance, Vy has created felony murder. By now, being out then coming painter, who turns 55 years old results then Vy breast cancer. Despite surgery, radiation chemistry, run a full cure, Vy has died. In addition to the crime of abortion, the sister I normally treat people very well. So that hearing it was cancer, surprised everyone. But causal retributive always follow me follow the ball, it came unbiased anybody!

    So I want your message to the women that were pregnant when troubling concerns please do not fear hard. You have the responsibility to give birth to a decent and devoted please raise them until the staff attentive. Also do not worry the economy is not enough, because each child carries their own blessings.

    Ngoc Thu young age my friend, it has a stable career, upon review meek temperament. Do not know the direction, not understand Buddhism has abortions should collect a lot of times. Later, it was cancer, tumors throughout the body are full, operating it immense pain and suffering, disease worsening, doctors were helpless. Thu died when just 45 years old.

    After studying Buddhism, I learned to distinguish right evil, right and wrong. If I soon knew the Dharma, I did not create sin and not let friends, their relatives generate offense. I think that fasting is beneficial, helps the body and mind clean, reducing fitness concept. And vice versa eating salty, heavy concept fitness, body degenerations, abstinence is not easy. I want to tell you that during pregnancy, a thousand times not to have an abortion. You created it, you must take responsibility for their presence.

    Because of my own stupidity has robbed people of the opportunity to my children! Now know remodeling, I regret and endless suffering. I vow lifetimes if born would export from, never again toward marriage, so I will not make the foolish crime like this. I hope the word "abortion" is permanently erase on earth, so that the fetus had the opportunity to people, having Dharma practice, be happy-suffering !.
    Increased female artist (causal retributive phenomenon)

    THE WORD FOCUS: All of us must recognize that today in society, there are many women and men have cancer, infertility, incurable ... .deu way feel from now this abortion killing . Men still had suffered personal retribution, not only women, but because women are associated directly to the psychology will be affected more severely. So could not guard. Join us just for a sexual ignorance notion that this creates huge pity, really is too pitiful!

    You men and women of the world have never fallen into slaughter "Abortion" is, beseech you to please keep to themselves sow's not evil, not create evil. You are in luck because there are people alert, but we do not know the Dharma so, abortions do not understand cause and effect should have been a mistake you'll regret unspeakable.

    My wife and I fell into this world by watching not understand cause and effect, because according to modern ideas today. Every "spike" it went demolished, in the mind think everyone does it, it's also not uncommon. Alas, until know the Dharma, understand cause and effect, we were crying, crying because of ignorance, cry because ... just because remorse desire itself that makes how many souls do not get received a lifetime. This monstrous sin without repentance surely could not.

    And in a fortuitous fate, we had the opportunity to witness Quan Tinh be scene "Souls determine fetal please enter Refuge". They cried a lot, including the suffering of the hungry ghost realm, tells the resentment of being parents neglected, could we murdered them, do they take the opportunity to reincarnate as humans.

    We are listening and decided to surprise amendment, vow henceforth never again mistake, try vegetarian liberating life, Buddha, cultivate the good deeds bring merit to all beings suffering victims, to all the little baby lemur whether your child is not soon be transcendence. Human evil itself by self-sowing, so evil that retribution is also committed to that received attention, not resentment sky people, land sorry for themselves. Only through this new center is lightly only.

    Penitent faults in any way? Since I knew the Dharma, understand cause and effect, they found huge repent (to say his mistake), may henceforth never again kill abortion, vegetarian Buddha, releases, handouts, offerings, compassion, tolerance, helping people ... this kindness merits .dem dedication to the fetus, the fetus is looking forward detachment.

    All have to use sincere heart, not sincerity that makes it impossible to resolve the resentment of the fetus. You have devoted themselves transmit this message, brought Causation mirror of abortion to a wake for young, virtuous living advised not sow's this evil and the other tomorrow regretting not keep up; Ie you make multiple fetuses are human, very great merit, to attempt to mitigate poor. Please effort made, and Deep Tin Causation, sow's definitely evil will meet only evil fruit, sooner or later.
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