Everything is impermanent

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    Living day, happy days! It was liberating!

    1-Time: Impermanence:

    Month day hustle, short lifetime, a moment was old. There would dare say all human understanding, but it is only by understanding the new life:

    -Over One day, just one day.
    Wave serene, comfortable living.
    -Over A day, take a day.
    Embedding a day, a day rate.

    2-happy: Impermanence:

    His creative happiness. Happiness is the ultimate goal of human life, the joy hidden in the most trivial things in life, I have to find it. Happiness is the feeling, feel, it is important in the mood.

    3-Money: Impermanence:

    Money is not everything, but not nothing. Do not over-valued currency, much less so than measure, if realized, it will find it is the foreign body, such as birth brings, when the dead are not taken away. If people need help, feel free to open their wallets wide, it is a great pleasure. If you use the money to buy health, and fun, why not spend that buy? If using money that bought the comfort liberated worth funnily enough! Smart people know to make money, said spending money. Mastering for money, not for its servant. (Too hard!?!?)

    4- Life: Impermanence:

    "The shorter rest of his life, the more you have to make it rich."

    Elderly people must change old perceptions go, be split with "ascetic monk", do "birds fly". Eat, eat, to wear, to clothe, to play the game, always improving the quality of life, enjoying the fruits of high technology, that is the meaning of old age living.

    5-The world is impermanent

    -Money Silver is yours (not sure!) - Assets can be lost due to several reasons: 1-Natural Disasters, Fires 2-, 3- Ordinance of the King, or government confiscation, nationalization ... 4. Theft, 5 children.

    The position is temporary, glory is past, is his health.

    -Cha I love you is infinite; dear parents is limited.
    --The Sad worried sick parents; parents peeked a little sick child, ask some questions are seen enough.
    --The Parents spend money, comfortable. Parents spend money you, not easy.
    -The Parent is a child; The house is not the parent.

    How different is, who understands life as the care of children is an obligation, is fun, do not expect to repay.

    -for Repay are hard on themselves.
    Ohm one recourse pain? Trust me it? If the illness persists no filial any where in the bed (ready money disabling disease lasting death). Looks to mate it? They take care of themselves still unfinished, have wanted to help out and will not make it.
    Coin counting on it? - Only that way.
    Catcher is, people do not or notice; what they think it's not very big, it's beautiful.
    Truth of Religion, in fact, the joy, and happiness in life depends on how to enjoy it. Who understand life in the highest esteem, and appreciate what we have, and constantly discovering its meaning, to make life more fun, more meaningful.
    Required open heart, love life, and enjoying life, that everyone looks up, looks down that everyone is worse (rate lower rooftop organic deficiency billion surplus), said it is always fun enough (motto: often optimistic).

    Their collective passion, fun with them tirelessly, to find joy.

    Kind to everybody, glad to do good, for helping people make fun.

    Humans do not distinguish capital wealth on man, because of work commitment is deemed to have dedication, can be satisfied, not ashamed of conscience is .. Let alone think of, we all do, the end the same is returned to nature. Actually: high chair is not in longevity, longevity does not equal high joy stick.

    Too many people spend half his life for the cause, for families, for children, now the time is not much left to give themselves, concerned themselves, how to live happy lives, the public want it do, who say why not care, because I'm not living for you like, or dislike of other people, should live true to myself.

    Living in the world can not do everything is the best, there is a natural defect in life, if you keep focusing, it will be the perfectionist perfectionist makes miserable. It is better for calmly face reality, how it's done.

    Age-old mind, that is old but not old. Old age is not that old mind, that is not old but old. But handling a problem, you should hear the elderly.
    Must live performance but not excessive. Eating too frugal is not enough nutrition; too much meat is not absorbed. Too idle is tedious; too noisy, the discomfort ....

    Everything should "just right".
    Fool disease: smoking, drinking, drinking greedily taking ....

    Ignorant people waiting diseases: new travel sickness treatment.
    Preventive wise man: take care of yourself, take care of life ..

    New thirsty to drink, eat new food, new sick leave, a new craving sleep sleep, new medical sick ... All are late.

    Quality of life of older people high or low, depending on how the primary thinking, thinking direction that whatever benefits are in terms of beneficial factors, profit oriented mindset used to organize the life of old age will make old age full of vitality and confidence, life taste; oriented thinking is harmful negative thinking, survive on pessimism, grow old living so would quickly die.

    Play as one of the basic needs of old age, take heart children to find a favorite game, while playing please experiences the joy of victory, defeat is not spicy, play is fun. Mental and physiological, seniors also need stimulation and excitement to create a healthy circulation.

    "Absolutely healthy", it is said healthy body, healthy psychologically, and morally healthy. Healthy psychology is known to endure, said autonomy, said communication; is healthy morality of love, willing to help people, have mercy, do good caregiver will live long.
    Humans are social beings, can not live in isolation, blindfolded Lowland ears, should actively participate in public activities, improve myself in social activities, demonstrating its value, which is the life healthy.

    Life should multistage aging pluralism, colorful, have a good two is not enough you should have both an old group of friends, the more lives you do beautiful old age, make your life more flavor , colorful.

    People are enduring, neutralize, and dispelled all pain can only rely on themselves. Time is the best healer. It is important when you choose to live distressing how.

    Why when the old people or nostalgic former (or remember old stories)? To his later years, people have come to the end of the career path, the ancient glory has become distant clouds of smoke, was standing at the end of the field, fresh spiritual needs and spiritual needs to flourish, people want rediscovering the emotional sincerity. Back to the old place, seeing loved ones, and recalled childhood dreams, and you learn how jokes recalls his youth, with such new regain a sense of vitality. Esteem and be immersed in the emotional sincerity is a great pleasure of old age.

    If you've tried his best but still did not change the status was not satisfied, let it! That was a relief. There's nothing that gets fixed, quick disconnect fruit never sweet.

    Birth, aging, sickness and death is the law of life, not against it. When death calls, the serenity that comes. Essence star is not ashamed to live upright conscience, and finally put an end to their one true circle.

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