These crimes must bear the heaviest retribution

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    Worldly sins are legion. We can not at the same time that listed all. However, there are very big sin that we absolutely can not have.

    [​IMG]Because if suffering from the sins that we have a very painful retribution and constant without the opportunity to correct. The sins of the world to the law also does not rely spared, let alone causal laws are fair.

    Buddha taught, with 5 the most serious crime (Five Adversity Great Crime) inexcusable. These are ethical offenses contrary. Who committed this crime are subject to damnation in hell seems to endlessly long. 5 offenses include:

    - Patricide
    - Kill A - the busi- drought.
    - Make the Buddha body bleeding.
    - Divided sangha.

    Since childhood, we were taught fishing knives

    "The Father as Mount Tai
    She means like water from flowing out
    One Heart Worship Mother Glass Father
    For the new round is direct filial son "


    Parents, who is the birth and nurture us. For we have today, our parents had experienced many hardships and worries. We have spent his life talking about the thanks of the parents can not yet tell all. And whether we can take care of his parents for life can not repay all the merit it. So, guilty disloyalty biggest sin. Just disloyalty to their parents have suffered terrible retribution then.
    Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Arhat is even the religious enlightenment. That even the morality, compassion, wisdom than people. The location is an example for us to follow, is the place for us to lean on. So, we have fallen in love with glass, admired. Just a thought bad, disrespectful alone had to bear enormous guilt.

    Sangha is where many participants practiced diligently. We have the responsibility to make offerings, support for the development and Dharma Sangha. If we do not contribute anything but vandalism is causing great with worldly sin, retribution will be scary.

    In addition to 5 crimes on Buddha also taught them takhong been committed other serious sins to avoid retribution fall into hell.

    - Crime slaughter: the lives of all beings are precious. Who does not hurt when killed, who would not want to keep it my own life. All human beings or animals despite such offers. So we must avoid causing offense to kill. Absolutely not involved hunting, fishing, hunting fishing are considered fun recreation. To reduce the slaughter of the world, we should use vegetarian food health and ensure medium to avoid sin.

    - Crime Heist: the wealth of others as well as their wealth. Rob her go outside cause material damage also sow misery, mourn for others, cause instability, social anxiety. Many thieves go with the killing but robbery homicide.

    - Crime drink, use drugs: alcohol and drug use as a health impairment, intellectual. Addicts not only contribute but also harm society. Addicts tempting to commit all other sins. For example, when an addiction to which no money to satisfy it must go steal, cheat. Now is excited in addiction it can commit adultery, kill. Guilt by alcoholism, drug induced, so that also was enormous. We certainly have avoided committing the crime.

    - Adultery: people with sexual misconduct often have thoughts, words and bad behavior. They cause disruption happy family ourselves and of others. Adultery but bring momentary pleasure but a terrible retribution. We should not fool that entangled.

    - Crime lie: Buddha taught us not to lie if our words adversely affect others, making others suffer.

    The aforementioned sins, we absolutely can not have. We must also warn, admonish the people around. For those who have missed the mistake. We have to learn to love them, help them to rebuild their lives repent to avoid sinking into sin. Remember, the sincere repentance for not only fall deeper into sin and can not eliminate all the sins. What causes suffer retribution. So do not think anyone has tried any criminal folly and repent later.
    Namo Buddha Sakyamuni Master!
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